Join Dan on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM for a discussion of the book, “Convictions,” by Marcus Borg. Book Study begins on September 21st.

The Fall Book Study (4:00 PM Wednesdays NEW TIME) will be a discussion of the book “Convictions” by Marcus Borg. On the occasion of his seventieth birthday, the renowned scholar Marcus J. Borg shared how he formed his bedrock religious beliefs, contending that Christians in America are at their best when they focus on hope and transformation and so shows how we can return to what really matters most. The result is a manifesto for all Christians who seek the best path for following Jesus today. With each chapter embodying a distinct conviction, Borg writes provocatively and compellingly on the beliefs that can deeply ground us and guide us.

Borg calls all American Christians to reject divisiveness and exclusivity and create communities that celebrate joy, possibility, and renewal. Throughout, he reflects on what matters most, bringing to earth the kingdom of God Jesus talked about and transforming our relationships with one another.

The book is readily available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This 10-week study will begin on Wednesday, September 21st at the NEW TIME of 4:00 PM.

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