Weddings at First Congregational Church of Tallmadge are wonderful occasions of celebration for the bride and groom, and for their families and friends. At First Congregational Church of Tallmadge, we schedule weddings for FCC members and sometimes for people from the wider community. Our Sanctuary has a wide center aisle, a fine organ, and can seat over 300 people. To inquire about a wedding, please contact Rev. Daniel Doty or Cathy Cotter in the church office.

Wedding Coordinator

The job of Wedding Coordinator at the First Congregational Church (do not assist in weddings at other locations; such as the church in the Circle) was established in 2002 for the purpose of assisting the bridal party, organist, florist, photographer and pastor to ensure the wedding ceremony runs smoothly.

The wedding coordinator will meet with the couple or communicate by phone well in advance of the wedding day in order to advise about the how the sanctuary is suited for potential flowers and other decorations.

Some of the Wedding Coordinator’s roles are:

• Put wedding attendants in order and rehearse until they are comfortable

• Help bridal party dress

• Pin flowers on groomsmen, parents, etc

• Get bridal party/groomsmen/parents to photo area

• Make sure sanctuary is decorated and ready for wedding

• Candles lit at appropriate time by designated groomsmen

• Grandparents/godparents/parents escorted into sanctuary at appropriate time

• Aisle runner pulled at appropriate time and secured to carpet in Narthex

• Line up bridal party and signal to organist and pastor that they are ready

• During ceremony get bubbles, birdseed, etc ready for distribution

• After photos, pack up bridal candle, flowers, pew decorations, guest book

Rehearsals usually take place on Friday (for Saturday Weddings) for approximately 90 minutes.  There are fees associated with scheduling and providing staff and the FCC facilities for all weddings.  Please check with the Administrative Coordinator concerning all fees.

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