Our church library, located in the glass-walled room in the atrium, is available to everyone, whenever the church is open. We have material appropriate for all ages- young and old. The selections include books on Inspiration, Christian Life, Family Life, Biography, Social Science, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Church History, Church Education, Worship and Prayer, Theology, Story Theology, Bible Study, Bible History, Bibles, Tallmadge History, Videos, Cassettes, Stephen Ministry and Warrior’s Journey Home shelves; Youth, Adult, and Juvenile.

To borrow any of these, simply follow the simple procedures for self-checkout by dropping the card from the inside of the book (just like the old days at most regular libraries)! Returned items may dropped on the corner desk to be re-shelved by the church Librarian. We do not place a time limit on how long something can be kept out, but we do ask that it not be too long so that others will have the opportunity to share in the treasure.

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