Fellowship Opportunities

Linger Longer

To show hospitality and welcome on Sunday mornings, coffee, donuts, and treats are served in the Atrium from 8:15 to about 11:30 every Sunday morning. Volunteers are coordinated by members of the Women’s Fellowship, with the Deacons hosting June, July and August. The costs of this delightful treat are covered by donations, with the remainder offset by Donovan Bagnoli funeral Home. This is a relaxing, enjoyable time for refreshment and fellowship.

Sup with Seven

Sup with Seven is a “dining event” in which groups of approximately seven people get together for a meal and to get to know each other better. Each time different parties are formed in order to aid in the goal of helping individuals become better acquainted with one another. There are several opportunities each year to sign up at the church. At that time, the names collected are placed into seven member blends. One person from each group will then be asked to organize the time, place, and day for the gathering by contacting the other six in their assigned company.


The Congregators are couples and singles 50 years old and over who meet the first Tuesday of each month in different restaurants at 1:00 p.m. Various members take turns leading each month, sharing some words of wisdom. It is a time of fun and fellowship. For location, please contact the church office 330-633-4931 or check the most recent Herald newsletter.


Our Heritage Quilters meet in the Education Wing, room #205 every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (or until they get tired). Some even bring their lunches and work through the whole day! This group takes materials (quilt tops, filler and backing) presented to them and mark, quilt, and bind them together for a fee. The Quilters have a history of 95 years of quilting and earning money for the Women’s Fellowship and the church. The group welcomes anyone who has the desire to quilt.

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