Yes, we need you. But, you also need the joy of serving. We want every follower of Jesus to embrace the privilege of living for something greater than ourselves – the kingdom of God. And, it’s pure bliss to see the impact in the lives of others. You can sign up to serve in one or more of our ministries by clicking on the sign up icon below. You can also view detailed descriptions of our serving opportunities and ministries below.


Assists and supports the Pastor in the spiritual work of the church as it relates to the care of the altar, worship services and hospitality. Helps to distribute Communion and provide some pastoral care.

Responsible for the care and custody of all physical property related to the church inside and out, maintenance and repair. Trustees also work with the Pastoral & Staff Relations Committee to help manage the paid staff.

Responsible for reviewing the operating budget of the church, approving special offerings and managing fund raising events/projects. Plans and conducts yearly Commitment (Pledge) Campaign.

Responsible for educating the church concerning the relationship of the Christian faith to the social issues of the day. Motivates the congregation to become involved in outreach ministries, both internal and external.

Oversees the musical activities of the church. Collaborates with the senior pastor along with boards and committees to provide meaningful worship experiences for the congregation.

Visit the home bound, hospitalized, or those in assisted living facilities.

Prepare funeral dinners and other meals, coordinate receptions, stock the kitchen and conduct various fundraising activities.

Receives all Faith offerings from envelopes, checks, and automatic deposits into the MS-Excel Program. Makes out a deposit slip for the bank. Prepares and prints monthly and quarterly financial reports. Must be familiar with MS Excel.

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