Online Worship

Sunday May 8, 2022

Join Us for Worship
Sunday Mornings 10:00am EST on Facebook Live

We join together today and in the days ahead in abundance of God Spirit and Love. May we lift each other up in love and prayer no matter where your sanctuary may be today.

Sunday Worship Services

May 1st 2022 | Imagine
Apr 15th 2022 | Good Friday

Mar 27th 2022 | “God on the Move …Down the Road” – Fourth Sunday of Lent

Apr 25th 2022 | The Gift of Music
Apr 14th 2022 | Maundy Thursday

Mar 20th 2022 | “God on the Move …Over the Fence” – Third Sunday of Lent
Apr 17th 2022 | Easter Sunday
Mar 27th 2022 | “God on the Move …Empty Ourselves” – Fifth Sunday of Lent
Mar 13th 2022 | “God on the Move … Past all Obstacles” – Second Sunday of Lent

Children’s Ministry

February 2nd, 2022 | “Do the Unexpected”
August 22nd 2021 | “Put on the Armor of God”

November 14th 2021
August 15th 2021 | “Backpack Blessing”
September 5th 2021 | “Box of Crayons”
August 8th 2021 | “Living the Trophy Life”

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