Join Dan each Wednesday at 1:00 PM for a Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke. The study will begin on September 21st.

The Wednesday Bible Study (1:00 PM) will be a study of the Gospel of Luke. For this particular study, I will continue to utilize the series entitled “Genesis to Revelation.” While there are participant books that go with this study, you need not purchase one. (You may purchase a book if you desire. They are readily available on for $12.99.) The real text will be the Gospel itself. I have created a schedule (see our website) for each week identifying which chapter(s) we will be studying. If you read through the “assigned” reading each week, you will have what you need to know for each study.

This study will begin on September 21, 2022. Week one (Sept 21) will be an overview of the Gospel of Luke as well as Luke chapters 1-2 in particular. While you need not read anything beyond the first two chapters, you could do a perusal through Luke. You could get acquainted with the length, chapter divisions, and overall timeline. Luke is one of the longer Gospels, but it shouldn’t take too long to leaf through it a bit. Many bibles have subheadings that allow you to get a sense of what each section is about. Though these are someone else’s interpretive framework, they may help you get an overall sense of the flow of the Gospel.

I hope to see many of you on Wednesdays this fall!

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