2023 Memorial Scholarship Applications

2023 Memorial Scholarship Applications are now available online. Read the attached instructions carefully as our application process has changed a bit this year. All parts of the application are due on Thursday, April 6th by 3:00 pm.

This Scholarship Program remains a source of pride for the congregation, as it carries with it a rich history of giving and opportunity for deserving church members.

Eligible candidates are church members who are graduating or who have graduated from high school and who are pursuing higher education in trade or vocational schools, two- or four-year colleges or universities, or Master’s or Doctoral programs.

Below you will find a link to the application instructions. Hard copies of these instructions can be found on the church welcome center. You will also find the link to our electronic application. Please take the time to download and review carefully the application requirements and instructions as well as the published selection process. One major change from last year is that the minimum GPA requirement to apply has been removed effective February 2023; instead, cumulative GPA for the current diploma or degree program will be weighted more heavily in the review process and will count for 20 points [15%] of the total candidate score)

In order to ensure equity for all candidates, incomplete applications cannot be considered for scholarships. An application is complete when ALL components are present and accounted for in the church office by the published deadline. If any component is still “on the way” as of the deadline, the application will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified.

Fully completed Applications are due no later than Thursday, April 6, 2023.

Please reach out to this year’s Scholarship Committee Chair, Missy Newcomer, with any questions.
Phone: 330-688-8313 (H); 330-329-6364 (M)
Email: mnewc2776@gmail.com

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