LENTEN BOOK AND BIBLE STUDY, Wednesday afternoons beginning February 22nd.

Book study starts at 12:00 pm with Bible Study to follow at 1:00 pm. Please join us for one or both of these studies on Wednesdays in the Fellowship Hall.

Lenten Book Study

This Lenten season we will study the book that provides the theme for our Lenten Sermon Series, “Meeting Jesus at the Table.” This book club will meet at noon each Wednesday during Lent and will commence on Wednesday, February 22 in the Fellowship Hall. This will be a “brown bag” lunch study so feel free to bring a lunch and be prepared to discuss the chapter of the book for that week. For week one, please read the introductory materials and the first chapter, “Dining Alfresco: The Feeding of the Multitude.”

Order your book from Amazon.

Wednesday Bible Study

The 1:00pm Wednesday Bible study will be reviewing the book of Acts. This 13-week series will begin with the mission of the Apostles to the world and ends with Paul’s journey to Rome. Some of the major ideas explored include: a Gospel that cannot be contained, divine initiative and human responsibility, the subtle work of the Holy Spirit, what holds us together, and the plight of theology in a cynical world. This class will begin on Wednesday, February 22 and run through the end of May. We will meet each week in the Fellowship Hall.

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