Join us Sunday, February 26th after worship for this fun family event. Help us chose “Best Chili of FCC Tallmadge, UCC 2023!”

Admission prices: $10  for ages 17and above; $3 for ages 6 to 16; free for ages 5 and under.

The total family cost is not to exceed $25.

Tickets will be sold in advance. Each admission receives three tickets for voting. Chili, crackers, kid-friendly food, beverages, and desserts will be served.

After sampling each chili, the diners will vote for their favorites using the 3 chili tickets. The chili chef winner will be awarded the title of “Best Chili of FCC Tallmadge, UCC 2023”.

Additional sample-size chili servings can be purchased for $2 ea. Or you can purchase a bowl for $4.

Volunteers will be needed the day of the event. Watch for more details. Mark your calendars and join the fun!!!

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