Our Christmas Eve Special Offering will be split among two worthy mission areas: UCC’s “The Christmas Fund” and Faithful Servants

It has been the tradition of First Congregational Church to receive a Christmas Eve Offering and divide it equally between two ministry partners. Half is given to a local ministry partner and the second half is given to The Christmas Fund of the United Church of Christ.

The Christmas Fund (formerly the Veterans of the Cross Fund) has been caring for active and retired clergy and lay employees of the United Church of Christ for over 100 years, providing emergency grants, supplementation of small annuities and health premiums, and Christmas “Thank You” gift checks each December to our lower-income retirees.

We will gift half of the Christmas Eve offering will be Faithful Servants, our local ministry partner.

Come and worship with your FCC family this Christmas Eve and give generously to support these two ministry partners!

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