REVISED COVID-19 Update, August 2022

The Summit County Community Risk Level has been raised to HIGH. We are now strongly encouraging that everyone wear a mask when entering our building. Click below to read a letter from Rev. Daniel Doty.

Brothers and Sisters of the Household of God.

I was searching on my shelf for a book title so I would get the reference correct but the Spirit had something else to say to me in this act.

I was searching for a book entitled, “Community is Messy.” It seems to me to be such an appropriate way to describe the church. We are a messy bunch. We come from different places, have different backgrounds, we have different opinions on a variety of things. Yet, we are called to be one in Christ. We are called to surround and support each other and work together for a more just world. That book was sitting on my shelf next to a book entitled, “Making Room.” Again, how apropos – right? We may be a “messy” community but we make room for all here at First Congregational Church of Tallmadge. 

The leadership of FCC has received a variety of responses to last week’s “mask mandate” email. Please know we have heard (in almost equal numbers) both concern/disagreements and praise for the action we took. Clearly, we are not “of one mind” in this regard. In an effort to “make room” for all God’s children here at FCC, the leadership has decided that the “mask mandate” will be downgraded to a “strong recommendation” going forward. If you feel a mask is appropriate for you please wear one. If you are fully vaccinated/boosted and feel your personal risk level is very small than please feel the freedom to not wear a mask. We will, however, continue to pause the opening ritual of handshaking during the Introit, refrain from coffee/donuts in the atrium, and if the risk level remains “High” communion will be served individually as well.

I ask you personally to consider carefully your decision to mask/not mask. This is not a disease that is “out there”, we have experienced the loss of our own to Covid-19. The pandemic will end someday but Covid will most likely always be with us. We do need to find ways to “live with it” and take precautions when necessary.

Thank you to all of you for your candor and your understanding during these challenging times.

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