Vacation Bible School is this week, June 26th-30th, 6:00-8:15pm.

Vacation Bible School is going “UNDER CONSTRUCATION” this summer, June 26-30. @ 6:00-8:15 pm.  We will build character like Jesus as we talk about the rock of our foundation, the creation of man to care for all living things, doing good deeds for others and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others.  We are asking for at $10 donation this year for each child attending. We will also be collecting items for Habitat. You may register in person Sunday mornings or by clicking below:

We hope you might consider getting involved in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Registering your child or grandchild age 4 through 5th grade to attend.  Those who have been through 6th grade or higher may also help with VBS.
  2. Sign up to be a teacher a night or two in one of our stations– craft, music, bible story, games, snack or games.
  3. Donate items (see a list below)
  4. Donate Lowes gift cards so we can purchase supplies for bird houses
  5. Donate time to precut bird houses
  6. Volunteer to help with family night on Thursday, June 30

Items needed for VBS

Red Grapes – 5 lbs

Green Grapes – 5 lbs

Pineapples (6 cans of chunks)

Chocolate Pudding Cups (80)

Ground Oreos (1 lg bag)

Rice Krispy Treats (80 – prepackaged)

Oreos (200 cookies

Cheerios ( 2 boxes)

Pretzel Sticks (2 bags)

Rice Chex (2 boxes)

Cheese curls (2 bags)

Outside Paint (any color – 8 qts.)

Popsicle Sticks (100)

Scrap wood ( anything bigger that 18″)

Wood nails (lots)

8-12 Hammers (to borrow, please label)

Sandpaper (100-150 grit, 25 sheets)

Foam Pain Brushes (2-3″)

Ziplock Sandwich Bags (200)

Plastic Spoons (100)

Skewers (100)

Donations can be put in the CE mailbox marked VBS.

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