Wednesday Evening Book Study  

The Winter/Spring Book Study (6:00PM Wednesdays) will explore the “Bad Girls” of the Bible. Barbara Essex brings to life the Bible’s “bad girls”–notorious women we love to hate. Exploring lives filled with betrayal, deception, rejection, jealousy, and exploitation, Essex looks beyond the notoriety to show us women of exceptional boldness, courage, determination, and independence. These stories tell us about women we know–women not that different from ourselves.

This twelve-week study will be held in two parts. We will begin Part I on Wednesday, January 12th and it will run through February 16th. We will take a break during Lent. We will pick up Part II on Wednesday, April 20th and conclude the study on May 25th.

The books have been ordered and are $17.00 p/book (please pay the office.) The first meeting of the study will be an overview of the “bad girls” and books will be passed out.

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