Our Christmas Eve Special Offering will be split among three worthy mission areas: St. Bernard Lunch Program, Heartland Conference Disaster Relief Ministries, and UCC’s “The Christmas Fund.”

Just as Christ invites his disciples to spread the “good news to Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth” in an ever-radiating pattern, our offerings will in similar ways radiate out from this family of faith. The “local” mission we will support will be the Tallmadge Ministerial Association’s St. Bernard’s Lunch program.  Regionally we will share a part of our offering with the Heartland Conference (UCC) Disaster Relief Ministries. Finally the remaining one third will go to the traditional national UCC offering The Christmas Fund. This fund used to be called the Veterans of the Cross offering and goes to support retired clergy and their spouses (widow/widowers) in need. Give generously this Christmas Eve so our love can radiate out from this family to the world! Give online by clicking on the button below:

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