New COVID Protocol — June 2, 2021

We are excited to see your smiling faces at worship! Read more about our new protocol below.


The FCC of Tallmadge is looking forward to reopening our church with most of our programs up and running during the following month.  In order to open to our congregation and our friends, we will stay up to date on the latest information and scientific findings about cases, trends, and local guidelines.
We recognize that we all will have different perspectives on what is the right timing, what is the risk level, or what is or isn’t acceptable.  Therefore, we are planning on staying current on CDC updates, state government policies and COVID-19 Developments.
 Certainly, we are asking all who enter the church for worship, meetings, and gatherings to make certain they are thoroughly protected. (Fully vaccinated, masks, hand sanitizer, hand washing, etc.) To that end Sanitizing stations will still be located throughout the facilities.  Anyone entering FCC is expected to have their own mask.  If you do not have a mask, there are disposable masks available at the sanitizing stations or from one of our ushers. 

As per CDC Guidelines, those members, visitors, and friends who are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask.

Any areas of the FCC facility which are blocked off or marked inaccessible in any way are not to be entered or used, simply because of our sanitation protocol.
If you feel ill or exhibit any symptoms common to COVID-19 do not enter or participate in any activity.
Social distancing is still recommended, but families, spouses, and close friends may sit together in the pews.  For the current time, we do ask that you maintain an adequate social distance from others during any and all social gatherings within the church.
Families with younger children are asked to monitor those children at all times. As a note, the nursery and the “crying room,” in the balcony, the Atrium, the Sanctuary, and the Fellowship Hall are thoroughly sanitized for Sunday services and other times which may be required for congregational assembly and meetings.
We do ask that you follow the monitoring advice of ushers, greeters, and others who may be available for your assistance or to aid you in case of an emergency.
The leadership of the church looks forward to reopening all areas of the church as well as the activities that take place in them as soon as possible. Until then, please follow the suggestions which are listed above.
Anyone entering the FCC facilities does so of his/her own free will, taking personal risk, and agrees not to hold FCC, its staff, officers, leaders, or any of its members. liable for any sickness, disease, or condition, especially associated with the COVID-19 disease.  This protocol has been updated by the Trustees and approved by the Executive Council of FCC. 

FCC is a member of The United Church of Christ, and as such, is a covenantal member of the United Church of Christ.

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