“The incarnational nature of the gospel has continuously challenged preachers to interpret a biblical text in ways that will have contemporary historical and cultural relevance.” – Eunjoo Mary Kim

At First Congregational, we stand in the rich preaching tradition of the Congregationalist tradition, trusting in the Holy Spirit to illuminate the scriptures and our lives in new ways. However, preaching is only one part of the broader conversation within our community. If, after listening to a sermon, you’d like to talk to the preacher, please give us a call!

Listen to current sermons below:

November 11, 2018  “To Be the Best We Can Be”   Pastor Dave

November 4, 2018  “Our Covenant with Christ and the Church”   Pastor Dave

October 28, 2018  “Looking Forward….to Worship Vitality”  Pastor Dave

October 14, 2018 “Looking Forward…to Learning and Experiencing”  Pastor Dave

October 7, 2018  “Looking Forward…to a hope-filled future”  Pastor Dave

September 30, 2018  “Doing God’s Good is Rewarded”  Pastor Dave

August 26, 2018  “The Marathon Commitment”  Pastor Dave

August 19, 2018  “What Would You Ask of God?”  Pastor Dave

August 12, 2018  “Celebration of the Mission Trip”  2018 Mission Trip Team

August 5, 2018  “Oops! Discovered!”   Pastor Dave