Welcome to First Congregational Church VBS Mission: Possible! If you have not already joined our BBI (Bible Bureau of Investigation) force, please register as a SAF (Secret Agent Family) at this link: https://forms.gle/7pbFva34U93JPStQ9.

Each week we will be sending you a mission envelope in the mail. The mission will be a family activity to do together and will exemplify a character trait of being a Christian. Each week will also have a different trained agent who will explain his or her experience shared in the Bible. Their experiences will tie into the weekly mission as well. We planned the VBS program to be less than one hour a week and you can take action anytime within the week. All missions will be mailed on Friday mornings, June 5 – July 10.

We knew VBS needed to look a little different this summer. We hope you will find this program to be entertaining, full of discovering and discussion as you learn about people in the Bible and their positive christian traits. Learning about different people in the bible and their experiences can be fun. The more you put into it, that more inviting it will be.

MISSION: POSSIBLE trainings can be shared on social media using #FCCVBSMissionPossible


Good luck to all our Secret Agent Families as you investigate and complete your mission!

BBI Welcome and Agent Instruction

BBI Final Word

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