2021 Commitment Pledge Cards

We ask you to prayerfully express your intention for giving to the ministries and missions of FCC. Please download our 2021 Stewardship Pledge Card, to make your commitment. All are invited to return their cards during Worship on Oct. 25th.

On Sunday, October 25, we will conclude our month-long “Season of Love” expressed by abundant generosity.  We encourage you to bring your commitment card to church on that Sunday.  All in attendance will have an opportunity to bring it to the front of the sanctuary and place it in a dedication bowl on a table in the chancel.  You may also mail in your commitment to the church.

We understand that the mail is slower these days, so we will continue to receive your commitment cards throughout November and December if you need more time to prayerfully consider your gift commitment to FCC 2021.

Again, thanks for your commitment to FCC, our ministries and missions in faithfulness to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and to His Church, First Congregational Church.

Being God’s love…Doing God’s love…together this October and throughout 2021.   Join the parade of PUTTING GOD’S LOVE TO WORK beginning this October and throughout 2021!!!!

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