Putting God’s LOVE to Work

October is Stewardship month at FCC. Read more about how you can support 4 local missions and make your 2021 financial covenant commitment.

This October, First Congregational Church, will be focusing our stewardship campaign on GOD’S LOVE…putting God’s love to work by “being” and “doing” God’s love.   Over the next four Sundays in October — 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th; we will put God’s love to work with gifts to four familiar community agencies: FAMILY PROMISE (Oct.4th); SHELTER CARE (Oct. 11th); JAKE’S REACH (Oct. 18th); and FAITHFUL SERVANTS (Oct. 15th).

Also during the month of October, we will also ask members and friends, to prayerfully consider what financial covenant commitment you will make to FCC for 2021. A letter with a financial commitment card will be mailed out during the second week in October.

Giving supplies, money, and other gifts to the above four community agencies shows that we are being and doing God’s love not just for ourselves, but for others in the community, especially those in need. Below, you will find a list of requested needs from the four agencies, along with their story.

You can bring your gifts of love and grace to the church any of the Sundays in October; and anytime during the week. Large plastic tubs labeled with the names of the four agencies will be located in the Church Atrium, in the café area. The church is open: Tuesday – Thursday, 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. You can also call or email Cathy Cotter at tallmadgefcc@sbcglobal.net, our office administrator, to arrange for someone from the church to pick up your supplies from your house. If you wish to give financial assistance, please make out your check to: “First Congregational Church” and write on the check memo which agency you wish to support (i.e. Family Promise).

Being God’s love…Doing God’s love…together this October and throughout 2021.   Join the parade of PUTTING GOD’S LOVE TO WORK beginning this October and throughout 2021!!!!



Family Promise Vision: to enable homeless families with children to stay together and to achieve sustainable independence. Family Promise is a national helping ministry and located in Summit County.

REQUESTED ITEMS: Trash bags, dish soap, Kleenex boxes, toilet paper, paper towels, towels and wash cloths, laundry detergent, bar and liquid soap, blankets, sheet sets, pillows and cases, hair spray and other toiletries, kitchen supplies, air mattresses, hygiene products, toothpaste and brushes, money



Shelter Care Vision: to provide healing, restore hope, and recognize the value of youth and families in crisis through residential and non-residential care.   Working with children ages 6 – 17. Shelter Care is located throughout the Akron area, including in Tallmadge.

REQUESTED ITEMS: $800.00 to purchase two swing sets, new board games, decks of cards, painting canvases and paints, easels, sketch pads and pens, corn hole games, safe outdoor games, kick balls or soccer balls, twin bed sheet sets, pillows and pillow cases, boys 11-17 hygiene products, girls 11-17 hygiene products, school supplies, tooth paste and brushes, money



Jake’s Reach Vision: Located between Mogadore and Akron, “Jake’s Reach, INC” is an opiate (i.e. heroine) resource center for helping young people and families who suffer from addictions, especially drug addiction.

REQUESTED ITEMS: Socks, jackets and coats (teen), t-shirts, money.



Faithful Servants Vision: Located in Tallmadge “Faithful Servants” provides free urgent medical care for those who are uninsured or underinsured.

REQUESTED ITEMS: Bandages, band aids, medical supplies such as Tylenol, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, bandage wraps, cough drops, cough syrup, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Orajel, children’s Dimetapp, Robitussin, Chloraseptic lozenges, instant cold packs, hydrogen peroxide, eye shield or pad, adhesive tape, money.

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