Back to School Blessing – Sunday, August 23rd – 10am

Join us for a special “Back to School Blessing” at this Sunday’s 10 am Worship Service. Whether you’re going back to school in person, or online – we are praying that you have a successful school year!

August is a time that we prepare for going back to school.  We all know this August in particular is full of unknown and different situations.  Some of us are going back to the classroom, some of us are learning virtually, some of us are home schooling and some of us are doing a combination of these.  This will be a challenge, but your children have many people here at the church and the community that will be praying for the children and teachers for the fall.  The Board of Christian Education traditionally have a backpack blessing but not everyone will have backpacks.  This year, we are going to have a Back to School blessing.  If you are a student, we invite you to bring an item that means “school” to you– backpack, chrome book, lunchbox, school supply box, anything that means back to school for you.  Teachers, we invite you to do the same because we would like to bless your work as well. 

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