Rake ‘N Run

Every year, we offer a day where we go out and serve members of our church and the community. This year, Rake ‘n Run is scheduled for November 3, after 10am Worship.


rake and run

This day of service is for the Faith and Family groups, middle school and high school fellowship. We invite anyone that would like to help to join in… the more the merrier… especially when raking leaves.

Bring rakes, blowers, tarps, water bottles, work gloves and a dish to share for lunch. We will meet in the fellowship hall for a quick lunch (I provide pizza, you bring other things to go with it). After lunch, we will head out to rake yards.

This is a wonderful activity that reaches across the generations; preschoolers helping drag the leaves on the tarps, youth pulling the preschoolers in the tarp, younger families helping older generations bringing a great gift of leaf raking. We usually rake for about 2 hours, but if you can only give one, that is ok too. Come and be a part of giving back to others.

NEED HELP WITH YOUR LEAVES? THIS YEAR, PLEASE CONTACT WENDY BROWN OR RACHEL TASSILE TO GET ON OUR LIST, 330-633-4931. We will need your name, phone number and address. It would be helpful to know if the yard needs a lot of helpers or a smaller crew.



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