Women’s New Initiative – February 2019

Our WNI Board has chosen the Ronald McDonald House of Akron as our February project.

A collection bin for donated items will be by the Welcome Center beginning February 3rd and any cash, checks or gift cards may be put in a box in the office.

Gift Card Donations:
• Acme • Target • Bed Bath & Beyond • Giant Eagle • Sam’s Club • Staples/Office Max •ALDI • Little Caesars • Lowe’s/Home Depot

Kitchen & Pantry:
• Juice boxes/bags • Single serving packaged: • Salty snacks (chips, pretzels, crackers)
• Granola bars, fruit snacks, raisin packs • Cereal (family and individual sizes)
• Pudding, fruit and Jell-O cups • Individual packets (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard)
• Flour (all purpose) • Brownies • Canned frosting • Salad dressing (other than Ranch or
Italian) • Box potatoes • Microwave popcorn • Manwich • Mac & Cheese individual serving cups • Beef/chicken broth • Salt/Pepper large jars • Rigatoni

House/cleaning supplies:

• Disinfecting wipes • Paper towels • Soft scrub • Laundry detergent (pods preferred)
• Scrubbing bubbles • Swiffer Sweeper wet cloth refills • Dryer sheets
• Any size zip lock bag

Office Supplies:

• White paper reams
• Forever stamps


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